Is It The Right Time to Change the Wheels of My Car?

Many drivers have no idea when it is the right time to change their car tires. Driving a car with worn out tires is nothing short of dangerous; hence it is important to know when you should change them to avoid any kind of accidents.

Even though a tire manufacturer may promise long lives and constant performance of the car tires, it is wise not to take his word for it. Keeping track of the condition of your car tires, may save your life in case your car goes out of control. To keep your car under control, it should have good traction and braking power.

To check the condition of your car tires, you need to understand how to measure the traction between the car tires and the road. The tread pattern on your car’s tires will help create traction while driving on wet or snow covered roads. However the tread depths ensure a constant contact of the tires with the road to ensure your tires don’t slide on a slippery surface.

So the two factors that count most in optimal performance of your car’s tires are tread pattern and tread design, as tread design moves water and snow out of the way, when they come into contact with your car’s tires. However during rainstorms when the rainwater collects on the roads, your car’s control will depend on these two factors along with the weight of the car and the speed you are driving at.

If there is not enough traction and you are driving at high speed, it can become easy to lose control on slippery road. With time and wear, your car’s tires will lose the tread pattern and the depth of the treads will decrease as well. If you don’t monitor your tires, there may come a time when you feel your car sliding on a slippery road and by that time it will be too late to do much about it. Instead keeping a close eye on the condition of your tires will ensure your safety in any such situations.

Keep an eye on the tread pattern and when you start noticing it becoming level with the treat depth, it indicates that it is time to change. Equally important is checking the tread depths. The tires need to be replaced, if the tread depth has reached 1/16 of the remaining tread depth. To measure tread depth, use a tread depth indicator or gauge.

Also note any new pattern or wear on your car tires. An irregular wheel tread might be due to misaligned wheels, or your car might need a tire rotation. It might be either of the two or both, but it definitely indicates that your car requires servicing.

Every day of your life, you take your car out to drive without checking the condition of your tires; you are putting yourself, your car, and any passenger riding with you at risk.